Saturday, June 7, 2014

Fleur de Lis

Summer brings flowers in bright colors of pink and yellow and red.
Tall green grasses in the fields give way to sculpted lawns in the suburbs.
Cardinals and Chickadees and Goldfinches visit the feeders, their nests filled with eggs and hungry babies.
Fireflies brighten the night sky at dusk flitting to and fro.
Waifs of honeysuckle from the back lawn float with the wind sweetening the air.

Summer finds me creating an inviting outdoor room on my patio again with flower pots filled to the brim. Trailing scarlet red Geraniums and long vines hang over the side of my limestone pots. The white wicker chair has bright new paint and a deep red cushion invites you to come sit a spell. The iron chairs are adorned with red pillows with just the hint of a black and white stripe. The new iron console table sits on the sidelines filled with red pots and a red candle lantern. A tall black lantern stands stately atop the table filled with a faux bird nest complete with speckled eggs, mushrooms and lots of green moss. If you find yourself in Louisville this Summer, I beg of you to stop by. Sweet tea with lots of ice awaits.

The image today is of a beautiful antique Fleur de Lis that adorns a large flower pot. The antique finish over the dark paint gives it a truly rustic feel. I took it a step further and added a texture overlay and even went so far as to give it a hint of the ink sketch brush in my software. The final product is all dolled up for you. If you would like a digital copy of it, watermark removed, please email me at I'll get it right out to you. Can't you just see this beautiful rustic Fleur de Lis adorning your table in an antique frame. It's my gift to you.

On a more personal note, my niece is stablized, but still critical. I will keep you posted. I had other stresses creep in this week and I am trying to remain optimistic as I just never thought of myself as a pessimist. My wish for you is a bright sunny, blue sky weekend all. ENJOY!


  1. Yes Please, I would so like a digital copy, and with your permission I would like to print it onto printable fabric, and make a place mat for the table. The finish makes it beautiful. We have cooler nights, that is for NZ, where we live down to -1 Celsius, mornings mean lighting the fire, or stoking up the overnight one, coffee by a fire is pure bliss in the winter mornings. Your words of summer sound so inviting, wish I was closer. Cheers, Jean.

  2. Jean I will get that to you later today when I am back at my laptop. Thanks.

  3. Carol, you have been busy creating a welcome space for any visitors and if I was closer I'd dearly love to join you.

    I'm sorry I missed your previous post so belated prayers for your Niece, the family and yourself at this difficult time. So try to stay positive.

    Best wishes ... FAB & Anita.

  4. Carol you created a wonderful post, lead us right in. The image you made is fabulous. Playing with images can help to de-stress; take care