Friday, May 23, 2014

Little River, Tremont

On my recent trip to the mountains this week, I decided to drive the road that traverses the Little River in the Tremont section. Spending time photographing the water along this river is easy, as the river runs along the road all the way back to the end, where several trails pick up. I knew light could be a problem as the river in Tremont is wider allowing the shutter to bring in more light. I try to be mindful of composition when I photograph water, but several settings I chose didn't prove to be the best. There was just way too many rocks, boulders, trees, branches and rhododendrum bushes to contend with.

As for this first image, it shows a close up view of some boulders in the Little River, while the second image shows the full frame. I can tell you I would choose the close up. It's just a nicer feel when you view it. There's just a tad too much going on in the full frame shot. I am really liking the glossy feel of the water in these images. Photographing pools of water where it doesn't appear to be moving, but is, can be difficult to get just right.

Whether you are an amateur or a professional, photographing water is not easy. Here is what I learned this week. Don't take lighting for granted from one setting to the next even along the same river. Your composition will fair better if you have fewer subjects in the frame whether it be people or rocks and boulders doesn't matter. Overall I have to say having too much light coupled with a busy composition is not a good thing. Some photographers download their images at the scene and review them. Perhaps I should take up this practice at least when I'm photographing water of this nature. Strangely enough, I actually have an easier time photographing large waterfalls than I do images like these. Have a fantastic Memorial Day weekend all. ENJOY!

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