Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pelican Brief

A few more images from my trip to Goose Pond a few Sundays past to photograph the American White Pelicans.

Such huge birds with odd shaped bodies and large noses on their beaks. Also quite interesting to watch them socializing with each other and flying in and out of groupings.

These birds will fly to the upper Midwest and parts in southern Canada to nest and breed.

As the winter takes over, the birds will fly to coastlines along the southern United States as well as Central and Southern American coasts. Earlier this week one naturialist counted one thousand Pelicans still stopped over at Goose Pond. Would love to go back on a warm day and take some images.

A new Nikon D5100 arrived last week. Yippee! I think my future holds a higher end Nikon, but for now I'm sticking with the D5100.

Spring has arrived in the Bluegrass State with a balmy 80 degrees today! Magnolias are blooming in Bernheim and with some luck perhaps I can get some images this weekend. We have three days of rain coming this week. I know Spring hasn't taken a foothold in the mountains out West or here in the Eastern Appalachians. And some folks tell me snow is still an every day occurrence in Canada, so perhaps we should be consulting the weather Gods to help remedy this situation. ENJOY!


  1. These are really great captures of these pelicans. Love the caption you chose. That was a great movie. It sounds really nice there now Carol. I bet it's getting very pretty. Enjoy!

  2. they have quite vibrantly coloured bills/pouches compared to the pinkish tones of the pelican we see here on east coast Australia

  3. I especially love the flight shot, Carol. Enjoy your temps and your emerging spring. More snow for us over the next several days.