Monday, April 14, 2014

Buds and Blooms at Bernheim

This image has everything any photographer would long for. Beautiful pink Magnolia blooms, gorgeous moss covered Magnolia buds and craggy Magnolia branches contrasted against the green lawn of Bernheim's Arboretum in the background.

It is such a wonderful Spring at Bernheim. The lawns are greening up. The trees are bursting forth with bright green leaves. The Magnolias and Cherry trees are blooming with gorgeous yellows, whites and pinks.

This Spring has brought us skies as blue as the ocean, clouds in fluffy white and bright sunshine. And even though we have an occasional day filled with Spring showers, as was today, or a late Spring snowfall predicted, as we do this evening, it cannot dampen Spring's coming. And with Spring in full force, can Summer be far behind. I hope all of you who are still experiencing Winter's last hooray will soon see Spring take hold around your world. ENJOY!


  1. I'm trying not to be just a little bit jealous, Carol! Perfection.

  2. Carol, this photo is just magnificent! Such clarity and pretty colours. Gorgeous!!

  3. very, very pretty Carol