Saturday, March 22, 2014

Yellow Iris

Spring is slowly awakening here in the Bluegrass State. As I drive the countryside, patches of yellow Daffodils dot the landscape. The grass is slowly greening. Spring breezes bring warmth where winter's cold winds once blew. Buds stand ready to burst forth from every branch of every tree.
As I step inside each shop, fuzzy yellow ducks and chicks greet me with smiling faces. Speckled eggs and brightly colored Easter baskets are piled high on the tables. Faux grasses stand at the ready in their bright pinks and yellows and purples. Chocolate Easter bunnies and speckled eggs fill the shelves waiting patiently for candy jars overflowing.

Bygone days come back to me now of Easter's past. Bonnets adorned with flowers and long ribbons stand ready and waiting. Patent leather shoes shiny as glass sparkle in the bright sunshine. Soft pink pinafores with freshly ironed creases hang in the closet. Church bells soon give way to dinner as smells of Easter ham waif in the air. Harbingers of Spring surround us. Sorry to have been away for a bit. Such a busy schedule. ENJOY!


  1. yes I saw a lot of 'Easter' when in Sydney recently; very decadent Easter fare is out there. Your yellow iris is so vibrant and beautifully photographed Carol; I think yellow/cheery.

  2. Carol, You've brought back memories of Easter bonnets and chicks! Thanks for that vivid yellow bloom - it snowed again today! Enjoy your spring! You'll be sharing it with me.

  3. Welcome back Carol. A gorgeous photo of the yellow iris and I enjoyed your thoughts on spring and Easter. I'm glad you are getting a start to spring weather there. Have a lovely Sunday.