Saturday, February 1, 2014

January Is a Wrap

January was very frigid cold with the polar vortex keeping us hopping every other week repeatedly dropping the temps to below zero and the wind chill even lower. Before I even realized it January was wrapping up and February was upon us. I thought I'd take a look back and share a few more images captured in January.

Earlier this week I drove south of Elizabethtown, Kentucky, to see if I could catch a few thousand Cranes roosting there only to find only three Cranes remaining. The rest of the Cranes had flown in late Saturday, and because of another frigid air mass coming up that day, had flown back out early that morning and were gone. I captured just a few images of the three Cranes I did find and then headed back home.

This year on my annual trek to the Bluegrass area of Kentucky to visit the horse farms in Winter, I stopped to check out my secret stash of White Tailed Deer. Knowing exactly where they hang out and call home, I grabbed a few images of them before heading deeper into the horse farm area.

In the middle of January I traveled to Mustatatuck one Sunday to check out the wildlife at the refuge. Virtually no waterfowl was visible that day, but I did catch a glimpse of an Otter slipping back under the ice on Persimmon Pond in the back of the refuge. Jumping out of my car I climbed a hill and walked over to the bank of the pond to take photos. The Otters tolerated my presence for quite some time. The Otters can be difficult to spot at the refuge because there are many bodies of water. There's two huge lakes in the refuge and another smaller one as well. There are five major swamps, not to mention countless ponds. I consider myself lucky to have caught sight of the Otters as it could years before I see them again.

And finally, way back on New Year's Day, I captured this last image of the Sandhill Cranes in Ewing Bottoms, west of Seymour, Indiana. There were thousands of Cranes busily foraging for food and performing their mating dances in the bottoms near Brownstown. Luckily, I got to the bottoms in time to capture some images of the Cranes before it began to cloud up. It was a great month for wildlife viewing albeit rather cold and downright freezing at times, but I persevered. I wonder, where did January take you this year? ENJOY!

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  1. Wonderful photos Carol. The one of the otter is so cute. You've certainly had your share of cold weather there but I see it's 60 there today then cooling down again. It got to 34 here today which was quite nice in the sunshine.