Friday, February 21, 2014

Blue Grosbeak

A surprise today. Last July I photographed this bird in Bernheim foraging around on the ground. I couldn't identify it at the time. And tonight I discovered after some research originally speculating perhaps a Pine Grosbeak that it actually is a female Blue Grosbeak.

The males are the bright beautiful blue which is where the Blue Grosbeak gets its name. The females not as beautiful with the gorgeous blue sapphire sheen, like it's male counterpart, that I love the look of this bird anyway. With her beak being so pronounced, hence grosbeak, I think she's a beautiful bird herself. There's something about this type of beak that just adds beauty overall. And before I close on this topic, this is a Life Bird for me.

Yesterday, before the storms, the temperature was in the low 70's. Today was a tad chillier. But the snow has completely melted. And it actually is starting to feel a smidgeon like Spring. We have a wintery mix scheduled for late next week, but that's typical late February and early March weather in the Ohio River Valley. I envision yellow Daffodils and purple Crocuses sprouting up out of the ground. Oh, Spring how I love thee. ENJOY!


  1. A stunning photo, yes, that beak is very pronounced, but I do like her colours, down here, had about 30C today, down to 19C now, and maybe some very welcome rain might come overnight. Cheers, Jean

  2. good to have your capture identified and it is a beautiful bird, I'd love to see the male now too

  3. We have the Pine but not the Blue. You'll soon be able to smell the flowers for me!

  4. Wonderful clarity! Good shot, for sure.