Monday, January 27, 2014

Song Sparrow

What does a Sparrow do when he's hungry? Shovel the snow, what else. It was a beautiful day to walk around Bernheim taking in the snow and see how beautiful the trees and bushes were covered in a blanket of white. As I walked around the Pavilion, a Song Sparrow headed for the ground beside the sidewalk and began clearing away the snow.

Snow was flying everywhere. He would peck with his beak and shovel with his feet. It was comical watching the snow fly as he dug and dug. My presence standing within a feet from him didn't seem to bother him all that much. He would dig and look up and peck and look up. But for the most part, he was busy with the task at hand. I'm not sure exactly what he was foraging for in the dirt, but I hoped that he would find it. There are several nights of minus zero degree temps ahead. Heavens could it get any colder. Hope wherever you are, you are staying warm. ENJOY!


  1. The photo is a print and frame, he doesn't even look worried. Take care, keep warm, greetings from Jean

  2. He's a sweet sparrow. I wonder what he found. I was watching a red squirrel in the snow covered driveway on Sunday digging and tunnelling. He's been there every day lately eating the seeds that fell from the maple tree in the fall. When the snow is scooped away he can find them easily. It's going to be zero F. here tonight too. Way too cold!!

    1. Stay warm Pamela. With any luck this mad winter will be over soon.