Monday, December 2, 2013

Snowfall, Mustatatuck National Wildlife Refuge

It was a cold wintry day in southern Indiana as I took the driving route around the marshes and lakes at Mustatatuck National Wildlife Refuge last Winter. Visiting a wildlife refuge in all four seasons is great, but especially when it has a few inches of snow on the ground in Winter, it really is a treat.

So if you live near a park, a forest, a wildlife refuge, a nature preserve, or for that matter, a seashore, pay a visit on those cold, wintry blustery days.
And perhaps you will capture scenes like these of the beautiful woods with the tree trunks covered in a blanket of snow or the Tupelo Trees in the marshes sitting in a bed of snow topped ice. It's like someone took a salt shaker and gave it a good long sprinkle. It really does make for a fun day. Although I do remember I had to be a little bit careful where I drove so as not to get my car stuck somewhere and have to hail a ranger for assistance. I understand from some of my friends in New England and parts farther north there is a significant snowfall on the ground right now. It's enough to make me wish it would snow. ENJOY!


  1. Beautiful photos. We have a provincial park 10 minutes from us and sometimes walk around the beaver ponds there and through the woods in winter. It is so different from the summer and so beautiful. We didn't do that once this year so will have to do it soon.

  2. Wow, photos like those are in my dreams. And your words say it all in writing, accompanying your photos so well. Greetings from Jean

  3. A winter storm warning is in effect here in CO - we're hoping for feet, of course! Don't worry - I'll be out in it.

    1. Don't worry. How do you expect me NOT to worry. I'm changing your name to Barb Snowlover.