Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Birds in Review

Looking back at 2013, I noticed that waterfowl and wading birds were dominate features in my photography. Investing in a longer lens helped to contribute to that, not to mention my trip to the Eastern Shore, where I photographed not only birds, but also the wild ponies. Reminiscing about all of the trips I have taken was fun. Places you might have found me were Goose Pond FWA, Mustatatuck NWR and Ewings Bottoms, all in southern Indiana. I also traveled to the Bluegrass Scenic Byway, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Chincoteague NWR, Chincoteague Island and Assateague National Seashore. Closer to home I visited Cave Hill Cemetery, the Anchorage Trail, Iroquois Park and Cherokee Park, all inside Louisville's city limits. I cherish every moment spent in nature as each one was precious and having the opportunity to photograph beautiful birds, wildlife and the landscape, I feel privileged.

Amazingly, I recounted the states I have traveled through and there were quite a few. Aside from Kentucky, I visited Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland and Georgia. That's a lot of traveling when you didn't even hop a single plane. The highlight was the Eastern Shore and discovering a birder's paradise. The image I share today features a few of my favorite bird photos taken this year. From left to right . . . a Glaucous Gull (I think), a pair of Sandhill Cranes in flight, Green Heron, Cattle Egret, Kildeer, Great White Egret, Neo Tropic Cormorant (very rare to see one in Indiana, but it was at Goose Pond), Yellowlegs (Common or Greater, not sure), Little Blue Heron in flight, Tri Colored Heron, Laughing Gull, American Oystercatcher, Mallard Duck pair, Great Blue Heron lifting off and a Herring Gull. Whew! What a year. There are eight life birds in the image that I got to add to my Life Bird List. 2013 was a good year all things considered and I had lots of fun in my travels, but I can't wait to see what the New Year will bring. Have a safe and Happy New Year's Eve. I'll see you next year. ENJOY!


  1. Lovely layout, and superb photos of a great variety of birds, you have travelled far, and it is great to know where each bird was or came from. Happy New Year, Jean.

  2. You do get around to capture your beautiful photos, Carol. I love this mosaic of some of your favourites. Have a wonderful 2014! Blessings, Pamela