Monday, November 4, 2013

Peak Color, Bernheim Forest

Did you hear the news? Fall's peak color made its appearance late last week here in northern Kentucky. Words that come to my mind as I attempt to describe the scenery I saw as I paid a few of my old haunts a visit are smashing, gorgeous, fantastic, awe-inspiring . . . Alright, I'll get on with this post.

Saturday I took the turn off past Isaac's Cafe in Bernheim to make my way into the forest. But before that I made an abrupt turn left and stopped to capture a photo of this beautiful scene. What is is about tall trees and beautiful yellow leaves with an old picnic table sitting nearby that makes one want to capture the moment.

Finally, I got back in the car and proceeded into the forest taking the main route all the way back to the farthest most point of the woods. As I drove through the forest, I kept looking over at the woods on either side of the road and finally had to stop and take a quick pic. Basically most of the red foliage in Bernheim is down around the Arboretum and not in the forest itself so getting an image with even the slightest red foliage was a bonus.

As I made my way back out of the forest, I stopped for this image as it had some nice red mixed in with all of the yellow foliage. That drive was fantastic. At times I felt like I was driving through a sea of yellow. There were portions of the drive where the forest leaves were completely yellow on both sides of the road. So magical. I hope you got to take a drive to check out the Fall scenery this year. ENJOY!


  1. Oh my goodness.. How very very beautiful. . I love each photo. Im homesick for Autumn. A look though your lens sure made me warm today...
    Warmly Lisa

  2. Carol, your last photo with the road going into the corner, I can see that on the wall, super colours, and.. according to what any photographer would say... " perfect composition", I will just say. .Perfect.. I do so hope you are recovering, taking each day slowly as health returns, not stressing, and learning to say NO, when asked to do too much. One of the harder things to learn. Take care, fond greetings, Jean.

  3. These photos are just stunning. The last one of the road and the golden woods on either side is gorgeous. I'm sorry that you haven't been well lately and hope that this is now looked after and you will be on the mend soon. Stomach spasms sounds very painful! Thank you for sharing with us and I wish you the best for a quick recovery. Hugs, Pamela

  4. Your photos make me miss autumn already! All of this could have been taken in New England. Your area sure has more color than where I lived in Oklahoma.