Thursday, November 7, 2013

Juvenile Mallards, Assateague Island

As an outdoor photographer, so often I take photos that my audience never see. These images never get posted to my blog. Perhaps it's safe to say these images never see the light of day. Yet, as I visit my archives from time to time, certain images tug at me for one reason or another. And I find myself revisiting those same images time and time again. All photographers possess an archive that contains these types of images. We all know which images I am referring to. This image is one of those.

What tugged at me each time I scanned my archives and passed this image and stopped . . . is the strikingly intricate detail and the soft variation of color in the feathers of these Juvenile Mallards that somehow I managed to capture when I briefly stepped out of my car that Sunday afternoon on Assateague Island National Seashore. There were five ducklings in all standing together having just gone for a quick dip in a teeny tiny inlet that led out to the bay on the west side of the island. However, these two Juveniles were huddled closer together and looking around as if they were contemplating, "what next". Every time I saw this image, I would always be 'this' close to choosing it to feature in a post. But then I didn't, until today. And today I stopped and asked myself the same question I asked myself every time I caught sight of this image . . . where else can you find such truly unparalleled detail as you find in the feathers of these Juveniles and what subtle variation of color. I ask you where? Only Mother Nature can create such an intricate, yet beautiful creature. ENJOY!


  1. Thanks so much for the ID. I have seen these, but didn't know they were Mallads. Boy, can I tell the difference between my 200mm zoom and your 300mm!

  2. You're welcome. Yes, my 300mm is the best thing I did ths year and guess what, I bought it used.

  3. They are sweet ducks and when one really looks closely, the details of the feather is amazing. I'm glad you chose to share this one. Have a great weekend.