Friday, November 1, 2013

Jack O Lantern Spectacular, Louisville, KY

Just a little photo I took from the Jack O Lantern Spectacular held at Iroquois Park in south Louisville tonight. The Spectacular features an art show like setting with a quarter mile of illuminated jack o lanterns. More than 5,000 jack o lanterns are lit up along a path with large feature pumpkins displayed throughout the walk. Countries such as Asia, the Carribbean, Italy, Ireland and many others were featured. The last section before the end of the walk featured the University of Louisville basketball team with Rick Pitino. And right at the end was a section on United States Presidents. But my favorite of the entire walk just might be this lion. Isn't he magnificent? ENJOY!

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  1. Wow, I looked on Google and there it is, so many Pumpkins, carved with stunning faces, eyes and more, and all lit up, but I love your lion, magnificent indeed. Greetings for Halloween, Jean.