Sunday, October 6, 2013

Waterfall, Tremont, GSMNP

While I was visiting the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in late Spring, I snapped a few images of several of the waterfalls located throughout the park. This waterfall was located almost at the end of the road leading back into Tremont.
Two days earlier, and the afternoon I was making my way into the park from Atlanta, heavy rain had saturated the park's rivers and creeks. And as luck would have it, the heavy rain had created some great opportunities for photographing waterfalls. I drove the Tremont route with the rushing river on the north side and the mountain on the south side. Along the side of the mountain this waterfall was rushing down towards the Little Pigeon River. I visit the Smokies once or twice a year, and had thought of going down this weekend, but most of the park is closed due to the government shutdown. Don't even get me started on my thoughts on that subject. I am hoping we have sunshine tomorrow what with all of the flooding we've had this weekend from the non stop rain. ENJOY!


  1. Beautiful photo!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  2. Beautiful! I love the open exposure that softens the waterflow. Very cool.

  3. That is a beautiful photo of the waterfall, Carol. I hope your weather improves. I see my photo is still showing above where I signed up to follow your blog. Normally one can click on an arrow by it to close it out but I can't. Do you know what I should do? Thanks. Pamela

    1. I'm not sure what o do in that case Pamela. Blogger an be ominous.

  4. Like flowing satin, Carol. Whenever I see these water photos of yours, I get the urge to try my tripod again!