Monday, October 14, 2013

Lighthouse, Chincoteague NWR

There's beauty everywhere on the island which plays host to Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge. There's Egrets and Herons and Chincoteague Ponies. There's beautiful beaches with creamy white sand. There's emerald green lagoons filled with huge wading birds. There's azure blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean surrounding you.

And then . . . there's this beautiful lighthouse. This lighthouse with its red and white stripes. This lighthouse that braves Fall's fierce hurricanes, Winter's blustery storms, Summers heat and humidity, and then revels in Spring's balmy days. With its new coat of paint the Lighthouse on Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge stands in testament that time really does stand still. And everyone on Chincoteague couldn't be happier as they marvel in its new found beauty.

I didn't want to photograph the lighthouse up close, but rather off in the distance with perhaps the bay in the foreground. And what was so unexpected were the beautiful subjects in the foreground. The Egrets and shore birds were busily searching for dinner as I captured this image. Priceless to me. ENJOY!


  1. So, so beautiful! I love the last photo too. What a gorgeous place to visit. Have a great week!

  2. That is a tall lighthouse. Were you able to get close to it?
    So that where all the birds are!

    1. I could have walked out to it but it was 95 in the shade with high humidity so I chose to stay in or near the car.

  3. Love the reflections in the last shot. What a majestic sentinel - I've only ever seen lighthouses painted white.

  4. What a lovely location, love the lighthouse rising above the trees