Monday, October 28, 2013

Buck, Along the Bluegrass Scenic Byway

It had been late Spring since I had paid a visit to the Bluegrass area near Midway to check out the horse farms. So when I took the day off Friday, I decided a drive along the Byway was in order. While the Fall color wasn't perfect, as peak color is late this year, the drive itself was still as beautiful.

Off Highway 1681, the main byway route, I took a turn onto a side road that leads back to several horse farms. Normally I take this detour and drive back about a quarter mile before turning around and heading back to the main highway. This turn off always presents deer grazing in the thickets just off the road. Today was no exception as there was a doe grazing in the thicket not far from the road. As I turned my car around to head back to the main highway, I looked up just in time to catch a glimpse of this buck. He was grazing in an open area between two thickets. And to my surprise, he was sporting a full rack. I'd forgotten that it was late October and I should expect to find the bucks with full antlers in display. It was a pleasant surprise. Knowing the buck was too far away for a decent photo, I still snapped a few images with my 300mm. Before I purchased my 300mm I always kept my 200mm lens on my camera. Now my 300mm stays on my camera at all times. There's only a few instances where I have to downgrade to the 200mm. When you photograph wildlife and landscapes for the most part, as I do, the longer the lens the better. ENJOY!


  1. Carol, how lucky could you be, that is one super shot. And a full rack, every photographers( and shooters) dream, do you have a shooting season there? I would hate to think he was there in full view and not safe. One great lens you use too. Cheers, Jean.

  2. It's deer season now but this is a farming area where no deer hunting is allowed.