Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cabbage White Sulphur Butterfly

And you thought all I photographed were birds. I do still vary things up a little. As is told in my last post featuring one of the globe's best known bourbon brands, Maker's Mark. And yesterday after almost a year, I finally paid a second visit to Yew Dell Gardens. Albeit, I was a little late for all of the Summer blooms. I did, however, catch this beautiful Cabbage White Sulphur flittering about the remaining blooms in the flower beds there.

I promise to share a few more of the images I captured yesterday at Yew Dell soon. Hope your weekend is a great one. And least anyone reading this post thinks that I'm not on top of things . . . HAPPY FIRST DAY OF FALL! ENJOY!


  1. A great fall photo, Carol. I love the more neutral colored butterflies - they show up so grandly on the blossoms.

  2. Cabbage butterflies, and do they like cabbage, cauli and all green leafy veges!! Your photo show the wings perfectly, I haven't see it look so lovely down here. Cheers, Jean.