Friday, August 16, 2013

Boardwalk on Chincoteague

The marshes in and around Chincoteague Island and also on the refuge were absolutely beautiful. When I originally planned my trip, I hadn't really taken the marshes into consideration as something I would fall in love with. But the tall reeds and the day's light casting shadows on the waters around the island was irresistible.

As I drove around the parameter of the island, I discovered a band of Chincoteague Ponies on the northwest side of the island. They were the only Ponies I saw that weren't in the refuge. I also discovered this gorgeous marsh near the Ponies that at certain times of day, especially near the evening light, was gorgeous. This particular marsh kept drawing me back to this area as much as the Ponies. On one of the drives I noticed this boardwalk extending across the marsh. I took a day to think about how best to photograph it. I decided that I wanted the viewer to feel themselves walking across this old boardwalk as though they were right there with me. So I walked out a short distance on the boardwalk and then snapped away. The feeling was magical with the marsh and the tall reeds on either side of me. I love this perspective. Every time I see this image I feel as though I'm right there walking across that boardwalk.

I have taken trips before with high hopes and at times been somewhat disappointed, but on this trip I wasn't quite sure what to expect and was totally amazed at the grandeur of nature all around me. The one feeling that keeps resonating with me throughout this whole trip and even after every time I open my software and make my way through each day's images is just how wild this place is. Here the birds, the ponies, the water, the marshes, the island, the beaches, the shore. It's all totally wild and each day it is left to its own devices. Should you ever find yourself on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, I would advise a stop on beautiful Chincoteague Island. Hopefully, if I travel to the Eastern Shore again, it won't be 105 degree heat index and me constantly wanting to 'get back in the car' into the comforts of my air conditioning. I would have loved to spend more time out in the 'wilds' of Chincoteague. Hope you have a fantastic weekend. ENJOY!

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