Sunday, August 4, 2013

Great Blue Heron, Today's Catch

There is absolutely no mistaking the identification of this gorgeous creature, the Great Blue Heron. He was standing quietly in the furthest most corner of a small marsh in Mustatatuck National Wildlife Refuge today. In this first image, the blues and whites and greys of his feathers on his entire body are shining beautifully in the sunlight. Even though he's staring away from me, I know he is fully aware of my presence as I sit in my car with the window down.

Every once in a while I think I can, so I open my door, and no sooner than the door latch cracks a noise, the Heron's legs stiffens and he moves about 10 yards away. Seriously I barely cracked the door. I close my door and take a few images of him this time with the sun shining on his back and then I decide to drive to the back of the refuge.

After snapping a few images at Myers' Barn, I wanted to see what the images would look like with my newer zoom lens, I drove back to see if the Heron was still in the same vicinity. He was on the opposite side of the algae laced lagoon. Did I mention at this time of year in the refuge, the algae is seriously trying to take over the marshes and swamplands, and even the lakes on this late summer day. I slowly got out of my car and moved a few yards down the side of the marsh knowing I wouldn't spook the Heron by doing so as he was on the other side. Took a few more images and then as I took a step, for whatever reason, he decided he was done with me and flew about 100 yards away. I should have minded my manners and not been over zealous.

It has been a fairly perfect weekend here in the Ohio River Valley. But I have to admit I keep yearning to be where the wading birds are readily plentiful such as Chincoteague. I admit it, I was spoiled beyond belief. Perhaps again some day. Hope your weekend has been great. I'll post more images from Chincoteague soon. Or perhaps, just a little teaser here, I'll post a few images from my visit to the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in St. Michael's, Maryland. ENJOY!


  1. Wonderful catches of one of my favorite birds to observe. Looks like the new long lens is doing a fine job with you behind the viewfinder. What lens if you don't mind me asking?

    1. Grampy it's a nikon 300mm zoom and it has made a huge difference in my photos.