Wednesday, August 21, 2013


One evening while staying on Chincoteague Island back in July, I drove part of the way across the causeway to see if there was any bird activity along the bay road late that day. I hit the jackpot as you can see in these images! There were too many birds to count, but no doubt as you can see, a signicant number of wading birds hanging out in the low lying marsh area

Most of the birds were Snowy Egrets, but this first image which I cropped very very heavily, shows two White Ibis foraging for a meal. Yes, I got to add another bird to my Life List. The Ibis has a long curved bill and while it is a wading bird found in the Deep South, they also forage for insects on lawns.

And luckily there were also several Glossy Ibis foraging in the marsh. Another Life List bird I added. The Glossy Ibis, again with a curved bill, sports dark coloring, and is only found along the Atlantic Coast. There were tons of Snowy Egrets hanging about with the Ibis, as well as a Laughing Gull which you'll find in the top of this image. I have better Laughing Gull images I'll post another day.

I didn't see any Great White Egrets hanging out in this crowd or any Herons of any type which was odd. Mostly just Snowy Egrets and there were numerous ones sporting breeding plumage. So cool looking seeing their billowy feathers standing straight up on their heads. I was amazed at the sheer number of birds in close proximity, but also how well they seemed to co-habitat with each other. The best I can surmise is Snowy Egrets and Ibis get along great together. I have no idea what drew them all to gather in this area that evening. Nevertheless, it was a sight. We've turned the corner toward the weekend. It's supposed to be nice this weekend and I would love to get out and take in some scenery, maybe even a hike. Do you have big plans for this weekend? And hey, the next weekend is Labor Day. I love three day weekends so much I've already decided to make it a four day weekend. ENJOY!

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  1. Carol,

    This is a wonderful assortment of birds! Glad you got two more lifers.

    I loved Chincoteague Island and hope to go back one day.