Saturday, July 20, 2013

Great White Egret, Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, Virginia

Spending time at the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge was absolutely a hoot for a gal who loves to photograph birds, especially wading birds. There were so many Great White Egrets which I photographed over the course of several days in resting pose, stalking pose, wading, going after a catch. You name it and the number of Egrets were phenomenal.
I photographed the Great White Egret, the Snowy Egret, the Cattle Egret, as well as the Tri Colored Heron, the Little Blue Heron, the Green Heron, and even some distant images of a White and Glossy Ibis. I was also excited to get some nice Oyster Catcher images which I wasn't expecting at all. This gorgeous Egret blessed me on a particulary bright, sunny day by resting and preening on a dead tree branch next to an inlet that runs along the driving route through the wildlife refuge. I cropped it heavily to eliminate some of the 'noise' from the various branches poking in all directions. Purchasing a longer zoom lens prior to leaving on vacation was definitely the best idea I've had in quite a while. I hope you'll stop by often in the next few weeks as I'll be posting many more images from my trek to the wildlife refuge in Virginia. ENJOY!


  1. Hi Carol. Fabulous shot of the GWE. What lens did you go for?

    I can see from this and the previous post that you obviously had a great time on the salt marshes. I guess the landscape and bird life would be similar to Brigantine (Edwin B Forsythe National Wildlife Reserve)up the coast in Philadelphia which I visited briefly some years ago.

    Chincoteague Island seems a long way from home .. did you drive all that way?

    1. Thanks Frank. I bought. Used 55-700 zoom lens. Bought it used, perfect condition. I'll have to look at Forsythe NWRVMAP and see if its similar. Yes I drove to and from Virgina. Stopped over first night in Maryland and drove straight home Friday. Had a great time in spite of the heat wave. Gorgeous birding.