Thursday, June 6, 2013

Persian Lilac

Having a little bit of fun playing with the images I captured throughout this Spring of all of the beautiful flowers. I photographed Snowball Bushes, Vermilion, Japanese Magnolias, Dandelions, Crab Apples, Tulips, Wisteria and the list goes on and on. But I especially am fond of the Persian Lilac bush which I captured in almost full bloom situated across from the Pavilion at Bernheim.

Had I not been driving slowly around the perimeter road past the Arboretum, well, I would have missed it. But luckily I caught a glimpse just as I turned my head back and realized it was big, beautiful and purple. With that I stopped on a dime. I drove on over to the parking area for the Pavilion. Walked around taking random photos and after I was finished got in the car and stopped just off the parking lot entrance and walked back to the Lilac bush. Ahhh, sweet smelling. What I like most about the Lilac isn't just the smell though, but just how beautiful each little flower looks with its curled up pedals. Add to that all of the little blooms perfectly bunched together. Well, it's just fantastic. And if all of that isn't enough, oh, but for those beautiful purple hues. A picnic for my eyes. And to take it over the top . . . Persian Lilac . . . what a name. It just exudes exotic. ENJOY!


  1. Nature at her best! I love the heady smell of lilacs - hope you took a good whiff for me, too!

  2. Beautiful and intoxicating. I really love this one Carol.

  3. Super, the little flowers each perfect, nature at its very best. Cheers from Jean.