Sunday, May 12, 2013

Common Yellowthroat

Little did I know I would have an opportunity to add a new bird to my Life List today. This Common Yellowthroat was hoping around in the brush next to the road as I drove the auto tour at Mustatatuck NWR today. I only had time to snap a few images because this little guy was very busy with his daily routine and flew off. I thought I was photographing a Yellow Finch, but not so. After cropping the image in my software when I got home, I realized he wasn't a Finch. And after some research I discovered he is a Common Yellowthroat which makes me quite happy as I'd never seen one nor photographed one either. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day. It's the first day in two weeks with blue skies, bright sunshine and not a rain cloud in sight. ENJOY!


  1. Lucky you! Nice weather and a life bird. Beautiful here in Denver too.

  2. Carol, I used to see and hear yellowthroats all the time. This past summer, I only saw one. They sure are cute little bandits, aren't they? Today (Monday) is beautiful, but Mother's Day was mostly wet up here.