Monday, May 6, 2013

A Spring Evening at Bernheim

For a brief few hours today as early evening moved in, the sun came out and Bernheim was bathed in a beautiful light with a gorgeous blue sky.

I made my way out to Bernheim just to catch the early evening light and take a few images before the next rain storm moved in. As I walked about the Arboretum, I happened upon this Mourning Dove sitting quietly in a tree not far from a nest. My guess is he's contemplating his next move. He watched me closely as I snapped a few images.

As I walked around the Pavilion checking out all of the Spring blooms, this beautiful flower greeted me.

After leaving the Pavilion area, I walked down to the water's edge of Lake Nevin where I happened upon these guys sun bathing. They didn't budge from this spot either. Normally they would have jumped into the lake, but with no real sunshine over the past week, my guess is they had to make hay while the sun shone.

As I made my way home, another series of rain storms was making its way into Louisville and rain drops greeted me as I got out of my car. We haven't had sun in a week until today briefly. We won't have sun again for probably a good week. Springtime in the Ohio River Valley. You gotta love it. ENJOY!


  1. Such greenery - I guess from all the moisture you've had. The turtle family photo is wonderful, Carol! I love the green shimmer of the water.

  2. Hi Carol, Similar weather pattern over here. A few days of sunshine and the temperature just got above 20 and rain arriving tomorrow!! So far Spring has been wet and cold but I've been surprised by the amount of growth in the garden over the past two week. I have a similar Turtle image to post soon ... all catching up on the brief sunshine.