Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bluegrass Region

One of the main things you may notice about today's image is that the bluegrass is NOT blue or even green for that matter. Winter is holding on for dear life. But it's still a lovely image I captured a few weeks ago on a quick jaunt to the horse farm region of Kentucky.

Speaking of Winter, I know I have no right to complain as many of you have been experiencing major snowstorms in your area, but seriously, I ordered Spring at least six weeks ago and it has yet to really show up. Somebody please turn off the cold and turn on the warmer days with those light breezes, blue skies and lots of sunshine, as opposed to the brisk cold windy days we've had of late. Today the wind literally cut right through me. BRRRRR. After a very busy start to the work week, I'm ready for the weekend. ENJOY!


  1. Super photo, no matter the colour of the grass, dry dusty brown is all we saw while on holiday.Brown, all shades of brown, parched dry to a crisp, not even a shade of green, even in under the trees. Hope your spring arrives soon, did your order get lost?? Cheers from Jean

    1. Jean I'm pretty sure my order for spring went to another part of the states. So glad to hear you had a great holiday time.

  2. It didn't come up here, that is for sure! I love your horse photos, Carol.

  3. Carol, it feels as if Spring got lost in the mail.

    Love this image even without the green grass.