Tuesday, February 12, 2013

White Breasted Nuthatch

A quick stop at Bernheim several weeks ago found the park deserted, but for a mere handful of visitors and the occasional snow shower of the flurrying kind. The temps were right at 32 degrees so I wasn't willing to get out of the car. The animals seemed to be hunkered down too as all I found were a flock of White Breasted Nuthatches hopping about the Japanese Magnolia trees near the park road.
Yes, Japanese Magnolia trees of the hybrid variety. There is a stand of perhaps ten white and pink hybrids growing right where the Nuthatches were taking dinner. And just as a teaser, here's one of my images from last years photoshoot. What a glorious Spring day that was walking amongst all of the blooming Magnolias with their pink and white blossoms emitting the most amazing scents. If you go to KEYWORDS and click on Magnolia Hybrid you can see some of the images from the shoot.
I'm sorry, I digress . . . anyway I stopped and snapped a few images of the Nuthatches hoping to get an image other than the Nuthatch hanging upside down with his head peering up at you pose. Keeping an eye on them in my viewfinder I firmly pressed the release continuously for several minutes. There was no way to know what were keepers until I dropped the images into my software. Keep in mind that these little birds can move faster than the speed of light. So any tactic is a worthy tactic in capturing good images of a Nuthatch. Hope your week is off to a great start. ENJOY!


  1. How did you get one headed up the tree? I had to laugh when I read your description of your usual nuthatch shot. MIne, too!

    The magnolia is stunning!

    1. Sandy I have no idea how he got there except he'd just come around the trunk. Carol

  2. What a great Valentine photo - that Magnolia is PINK! Love the tree the Nuthatch is on, too.

  3. All your magnolia pics are stunning, and the Nuthatch, it is so good to get one really good shot from so many. Greetings from Jean