Friday, February 1, 2013

Photo of the Week

March typically comes in like a lion. However, it was January that exited last evening with blizzard conditions, and then in the wee hours of morning, February beckoned a hardy greeting with ten degree temps and minus ten degree wind chill.
Given that, I felt compelled to offer you a soft sepia tone image of several Sandhill Cranes in flight, in an effort to carry everyone into the weekend. These large wading birds gather in the tens of thousands in northern Indiana in Fall. Generally, they fly in and out of Jasper Pulaski in northern Indiana as they prepare to migrate to points south. During the colder frigid days of January and early February, while most Cranes have flown to more southerly points in the U.S., many have opted to spend the winter flying in and out of bottom lands, farm fields and Mustatatuck in southern Indiana and central Kentucky. In many ways you could say they are right outside my back door. The Cranes will soon begin their annual migration back to their breeding grounds in northern Canada. They'll be missed, however, I've enjoyed photographing them in these bleaker winter months when photo opts are less than desirable. Two Clipper systems will be making their way across northern Kentucky tomorrow and Sunday bringing more snow. Stay warm everyone, it's what I like to call 'dead of winter' out there. ENJOY!


  1. Beautiful, perfect symmetry. The cranes must have a great sense of distance, to not touch one another's outstretched wing spans. Love the sepia tones too. Cheers from Jean

  2. So graceful - I love what you did to the photo, Carol. It enhances their flight! That's really cold for you - hope you are cozy this weekend.