Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Barn at Myer's Cabin

Digging deep in the archives I happened across a series of photos I took last year as I walked around the Barn at Myer's Cabin. This rusty old metal wagon brought bygone days of horse drawn buggies and wagons. And of old wooden and metal plows farmers used to ply the fields.
Obviously, what's left of this old wagon has seen better days. What better place to live out its last days than as decoration for this old dilapidated Barn at Myer's Cabin. The Barn and Cabin both set way back in the far reaches of Mustatatuck National Wildlife Refuge. It's not the typical setting you'd find at a wildlife refuge normally. But Mustatatuck has quite a history, and still does, of farming, what with it's huge fields surrounding many of the marshes. Last year at this very time of year, I said no way will there be much of anything to photograph at the refuge. I'd been there. I'd photographed it all. And then Spring brought Great Blue Herons standing dead still as they scanned the marshes seeking a meal. Summer brought this scene after a record drought. Then came Fall with it's gorgeous yellow and orange leaves bathing the trees throughout the woods in the refuge. And oh, those burnt burnt red marshes. How beautiful they were as the chill of Fall evenings turned the marsh grasses deeper and deeper red as if they were cinged by fire. And so this year, I'm going to spend some time at Mustatatuck throughout the seasons. Bet I come back with some nice photos. ENJOY!


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  2. This is a delightful image Carol. I can't wait to see what you get at this refuge this year!