Saturday, January 5, 2013

White Mallard Drake

As I walked along the lakefront at Cave Hill Cemetery earlier today, this one Duck kept flapping his wings and making a commotion. So after photographing the Mute Swans farther down the lake, I stopped to take photos of this 'noisemaker'. After closer inspection of this particular Duck, I realized he wasn't like all the other common Mallards. White body with black feathers mixed in and a black bill.
I snapped some images and decided I'd research it when I got home which I did. After 'googling' online the best I could figure is he's a White Mallard, and a drake as opposed to female. Apparently, Mallards mutate and white is one of those mutations. Let's be clear here, I am by no means an expert on waterfowl identification. But the only photos or information I found indicated this was a White Mallard drake. I have to admit I love a challenge so trying to figure out what type of Duck this little guy was was a bit fun. And I typically go through this process several times a year with various images. One reason I tend to put myself through this laborious process is I actually learn quite a bit about the species along the way. It's pretty much dead of winter now as I'm sure most of you are feeling the effects of, however, if there is snow, mountains, a beach, anything close to where you live, consider yourself lucky. In northern Kentucky, in the dead of winter, there just isn't all that much going on. At least it gives me an excuse to visit some nature spots close by I don't get to that often. Have a great weekend all. ENJOY!

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  1. He has beautiful feathers! Quite the dandy. I like the silken water, too.