Thursday, January 24, 2013

Photo of the Week

Ewing Bottoms has currently been taken over by the Sandhill Crane migration in southern Indiana. The Cranes number in the thousands in one huge farm field alone. In that particular field, there was an opening between two clusters of trees with thousands of cranes to the left and thousands behind the trees. Slowly, I made my way toward the opening, while staying hidden by trees on my right, so as not to disturb the Cranes I hoped to photograph behind the trees. The thousands of Cranes to my left were too far away so I knew I wouldn't disturb them.
Always in my mind I'm repeating the unwritten rule, don't disturb the wildlife. I got as close as I felt comfortable before stopping to take some photos. The crane behavior behind the treeline was much like that you'd find in a bus terminal. Cranes were flying in. Cranes were flying out. Cranes were lifting off, landing, and of course, dancing about in their traditional courting ritual. It was a hotbed of busy activity and I felt blessed to witness it in person. This particular image demonstrates best the unique interaction that takes place between the Cranes in their 'very' social gatherings. And I happen to think this image is beautiful. I hope you agree. ENJOY! PHOTOGRAPHER'S NOTE: Photo enhanced with Lomo-ish and Orton-ish textures.


  1. Superb photo, and framed to show it at its very best. Yes, when we get to witness birds or animals in their own setting, a true privilege .Many thanks for sharing this with us, cheers from Jean

  2. I love this Carol! I agree!

  3. You mean photo of the year! This is stunning, Carol.