Thursday, January 3, 2013

Kentucky's Thoroughbreds

It's a New Year! And this being my first post for the New Year, I felt it fitting to display an image I captured recently along the Scenic Byway near Midway, Kentucky.
This beautiful thoroughbred was standing quietly scanning the landscape in one of the pastures along the byway. He is absolutely gorgeous, there's no disputing that. But it really is the composition of this image that captured my attention. Your eye obviously goes right to the stallion, but then suddenly moves up and traverses the image as the fence lines take you on a journey all their own crisscrossing the landscape. And then, just as quickly, your eye moves down to the stallion yet again, because after all, he is the star. This scene tells the story of Kentucky's Thoroughbred and the majestic horse farms. While you may feel the horse farms created the thoroughbred, in truth the thoroughbred created the horse farms because without these beautiful creatures, we wouldn't need the beautiful pastures and farms they languish in. Several effects were added to this image to bring a tad bit more drama to the scene. I hope you like it. ENJOY!

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  1. Carol, Your state has such beauty - I've never visited Kentucky. I love the wide open pastures (and the fences).