Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tundra Swans, Mustatatuck

Yesterday I drove to Mustatatuck in hopes of catching a glimpse of the Tundra Swans that had returned to the refuge earlier in the week. Apparently, they overwintered there last year.
No sight of the Swans on my initial visit, I left and ran some errands. I returned late in the afternoon hoping to catch a glimpse of the Swans before going home. On my "one more time around the marshes and then I'm heading home" I discovered the Swans had flown back in to the marsh. Off in the distance they were floating side by side.
Unfortunately, no amount of prompting my 200 mm lens was going to give me a decent image. I had read Tundra Swans aren't particularly skittish, so I figured the images I had gotten would be it for the day. Then suddenly up the Swans lifted, out of the water flying away from me. Then they turned and flew right in front of me and then turned again and flew back in front of me before flying off to a restricted marsh area in the northern section of Mustatatuck. But fly right in front of me they did. Sorry the light and the photos are not better. Regardless, they are beautiful creatures. ENJOY!


  1. Great captures Carol! I have to travel several hundred miles just to see Swans here in Arkansas.

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