Friday, November 2, 2012

Trail, Canopy Walk, Bernheim

Just as you reach the Canopy Walk at Bernheim sits this trail head leading into the forest. At this point you are basically at the very back of the forest on the north side. Every year when I stop to take a peek at the Canopy Walk, I make a short trek down this trail as it feels so secluded and inviting.
The sun was getting low in the sky and it wasn't the best time to capture an image, but I tried anyway. Not liking the result, I dropped the image in Paint to soften it. I love the feel of it much better. I don't know what it is about trail shots, but I love them. Have a fantastic weekend. The weather today was gorgeous and in the high fifties. A picture perfect day. ENJOY!


  1. I like the dappled light and shadow. The orange really sets the scene. Who wouldn't want to follow that trail!

  2. I have seen this trail before, and I love it. We are leafless since the storm. I will enjoy yours. Have a great weekend, Carol.