Friday, November 30, 2012

Red Tailed Hawk

Today I took the day off and decided to drive over to the Bluegrass area around Midway and Lexington. As I made my way down 1681, I happened upon a Hawk perched high up in a tree. It was a Red Tailed Hawk, one of the most widely distributed Hawks in the United States.
Red Tail Hawks prefer forests and fields and especially like to perch up high in a tree or on a bluff so they can scan for small mammals to prey upon, although they will eat birds and reptiles. They also scan for prey while flying. This species of hawk is commonly used in 'falconry'. I wrote in my post on the Cooper's Hawk how hawks are highly regarded in Native American culture, as well as many ancient cultures. Hawks' feathers are considered sacred to Native Americans. The weather was beautiful and warm today. Tomorrow just may be a repeat. I hope everyone has a great weekend and get after that Christmas shopping list before time slips away. ENJOY!

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  1. Red-tailed Hawks are very beautiful and always a treat to see!