Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Farmhouse, Blackacre Nature Preserve

As it turned out, I had an hour to kill one afternoon recently, and found myself in the vicinity of Blackacre Nature Preserve. I decided a visit was in order so I stopped in at Blackacre to take a brief walk to Jackson's Pond. Before my walk, I took a few images of the beautiful old farmhouse which stands as the centerpiece for the preserve and everything that surrounds it.
I've always loved this old farmhouse. Part of its charm, I believe, has everything to do with the reminder of days gone by.
The preserve is still called 'home' to cows, horses and a large family of goats. The old barn that sits behind the farmhouse is filled with old rusted farm implements. But the most endearing part of the preserve to me is the old farmhouse itself. And yesterday it was beautiful as it stood blanketed in yellow and red, as Fall paid its annual visit.
Normally, I spend this weekend each year on my Fall pilgrimage to the Smokies. This year I decided to stay home and photograph Fall in and around Kentucky and Indiana. And Blackacre being so conveniently located to my home is a perfect place to visit. It's utterly peaceful and so tranquil that you find yourself asking why you don't visit more often. ENJOY!


  1. The old farmhouse is just glowing in fall's light! I'd be taking a book and a snack to that picnic table next time!

  2. This couldn't be prettier, Carol. Since I don't have to rake them, I'll say even the leaves on the ground are stunning. I think I like the second view best.

  3. *sigh* You have the most amazing photography! Your pictures make me feel like I am there!

    Have a great day rock star!

    1. Thank you Sandy. I really appreciate that. Carol

  4. Sorry meant to say Karianne. I have Hurricane Sandy on the brain right now. Carol