Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall, Cherokee Park

While out today running various appointments, I found myself accidentally cutting through Cherokee Park to get from one destination to the next. Such was the scene today over by the lake which sits adjacent to the golf course.
The sun was almost directly overhead, as it was midday, and while it was really bright, I decided it was still worth taking a few quick pics anyway.
The turtles were soaking up the warm sunshine, and while several of them headed for the water as I got a little too close, these two turtles weren't the least bit camera shy. Lucky me. I love the reds and oranges of the leaves reflected in the water.
Farther down looking across the lake the trees were so gorgeous blanketed in orange. I couldn't get the cattails out of the image so after taking a look see in my software I decided I liked them in the foreground. It kind of added a nice touch to the shot. Hope your week is going well. We've rounded the bend. The weekend is a hop, skip and a jump away. ENJOY!

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  1. Beautiful scenes and colors! Great photos!