Friday, September 28, 2012

Rusty Farm Implements

While visiting at Mustatatuck a few weeks ago I happened to take a few new images of Myer's Barn. And while I was at it, I took several vertical images as well. I didn't like any of them really, and knew while I was taking them I probably wouldn't. However, I decided to crop this one and after I did decided I really like the composition.
What's not to love about old barns and rusty farm implements and when you photograph them both in one setting, even better. I wonder what it was like back then sitting on this tractor plowing the fields all day around the marshes in Mustatatuck. They still plow the fields in various areas of the wildlife refuge too. Amazing.
It's been a while since I photographed Myer's Cabin which sits up on a slight hill in front of Myer's Barn, but I did take a few images on my recent visit. This is the only one of those images I remotely liked so I thought I'd share it iwth you. It's a really, really small cabin. Think about it, on that tractor all day long plowing the fields, and then coming in and spending the evening in this tiny little cabin. What a life. I might add it does have a nice size front porch. I wish each and every one of you a fantastic weekend. I might have gone out to Bernheim early this evening but I looked up a minute ago and there was a downpour outside. It's been raining off and on all day here. Gotta love the Ohio River Valley and its incessant weather. ENJOY!


  1. Nice, nostalgic effect, rustic feeling.

  2. There is something artistic about old metal. Especially if you catch the right angle . Rust is always appealing in a shot, but not so good in real life.

  3. I adore old buildings and rusty farm machinery, these are great Carol!

  4. The photos take me back to my childhood and my grandfather's small farm.