Saturday, September 8, 2012

Anderson Falls, Indiana

A few miles east of Columbus, Indiana, lies Anderson Falls Nature Preserve. Anderson Falls is beautiful, but unfortunately somewhat muddy today thanks to a cold front that moved through late last night bringing with it major thunderstorms, which in turn churned up the silt and mud in the creek.

After I drove up to Nashville, Indiana today to shop at the arts and crafts community, I thought perhaps I could get away from Nashville while there was still decent light and make the short trip over to the waterfalls. Luckily I managed to still have some decent light when I arrived at the preserve.

The nature preserve is very very small with two hiking trails, the waterfalls and a few picnic tables. It has a tiny parking lot across from the falls itself. The preserve is situated smack dab in the middle of Indiana farmland and feels rather like you're in the middle of nowhere, however, it's well worth the drive. ENJOY!ly


  1. Love the tree branch framing on the second shot. Good Work

  2. Super shots Carol ... I can feel the force of the waterfall from here.

    Have a good week ... I hope it's not too hot for you.

  3. Muddy water or not Carol, these are lovely!

  4. The water looks like silk, and I like the green sheen from the algae. The lighting was perfect!

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous!!! I love these photos.