Wednesday, August 29, 2012

One Chip, Two Chip

The Chipmunk . . .

The Chipping Sparrow . . .

Two chips. Both images were taken at Bernheim a bit ago. The Chipping Sparrow let me get way too close which left me wondering if he was injured yet I couldn't see anything wrong. I adore chipmunks. When I lived in my apartment, I had chipmunks everywhere, as I had tons of large bushes around my patio. No chipmunks around my condo, as I have no shrubbery at all. It was still nice to see him darting around the Pavilion at Bernheim trying to stay invisible. It's Wednesday. By Friday the remnants of Isaac will be knocking on my backdoor. I'm going to pray to the Weather Gods for sunshine. ENJOY!


  1. Very nice colors, both are very sharp images. The sparrow is one of the most colourful I've seen.

  2. Nice shots i have too an ornithology blog can u vsit please, am interested in your

  3. I hope you get your sunshine Carol! I adore Chippys, both the feathered and furred ones and these images made me smile. Thanks for sharing them.

  4. Hope you're not getting blown away! I prefer chipmunks to squirrels - the squirrels scold me loudly whenever they feel that I'm infringing on their territory (which happens to be my deck),

  5. I adore them too. Your photos are a joy to see. Stay safe , stay well.