Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mixed Bag, Bernheim

Dead on view of this Spangled Fritillary. How often do you get to see this view, I ask you.

A little pink into each day must come.

Around the Pavilion at Bernheim.

I know some of you guys aren't ready for summer to end. Normally, I wouldn't be either. However, this summer has been 'thoroughly challenging' with the record heat. I have to admit I'm envious of anyone who lives near the mountains or at the seashore, even those folks who live farther north, where less heat filled days and less humidity is more the norm. I'm sharing a few images I shot at Bernheim a few weeks ago. I love the butterfly dead on. It's not often you see this view because most of the time we're opting to take photos of the beauty that is the butterfly's wings. I have a four day weekend coming up for Labor Day and can't wait. Perhaps I'll feel like my old self and actually want to get outside. Hope your weekend is going well. ENJOY!


  1. I love that head on butterfly shot too! Lovely images Carol.

    Mornings have cooled off here, that has been wonderful.

  2. Those are some crazy bug eyes. Heat? This is the muggiest summer. For the first time in my (adult) life, I'm looking forward to Labor Day.

  3. shot of the butterfly. I'm with you. For the first time ever, I am looking forward to fall.

  4. These photos are gems! I hope you have a bit cooler weather over your holiday weekend, Carol. The butterflies and flowers don't seem to mind the heat, though.

  5. Love the butterfly and flower.