Sunday, August 12, 2012

Chasing A Hummingbird Moth

and chasing . . .

Yesterday I spent a few hours at Bernheim walking around the Pavilion, and then stopped by the wildflower meadow before heading back home. I found myself chasing this Hummingbird Moth around a butterfly bush near the Pavilion. Have you guys seen many butterflies this year? Because I have seen so very few, it has me wondering what's up. Do I need to mention how hard it is to get images of a Hummingbird Moth, as their wings are constantly in motion and their bodies seem to be as well. I'll bring back my Fall header in a few weeks when summer starts to turn. In the meantime, the dog days of summer here in Kentucky are turning into the best days of summer so far. Go figure. ENJOY!


  1. Hey Carol,

    Nice shots. They are fun to chase down. If you'd like to freeze them a little more give some flash a try (preferably a hot shoe variety.) Also mid day sun keeps them on the move more. Keep up the awesome work, I can tell your enjoying your new setup.

  2. Carol, these images are beautiful!

  3. Wow, that is a good shot. I saw one a couple of weeks ago, but all three of the photos I took were blurry. Very, very, nice!