Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bluegrass Countryside

Now wouldn't this image make a fantastic painting? I ask you. Normally I don't photograph the vast Bluegrass countryside, but every now and then, and on this particular trip, it beckoned me. I love this composition, but I wasn't in love with the lighting across the image. It's harsh, as it oftentimes can be when photographing during the harshest time of day. I took a chance. Perhaps the lighting will be bad, the composition good, and I can work with it. Well, no amount of software adjustment worked, so I did the next best thing. I added an aging texture effect. I like the result. One of my faithful followers mentioned the Bluegrass looked nice and green during this severe drought we've been in. So I thought it would be a good time to mention. Did you know Bluegrass can stand up against the severest of droughts while the grasses in our backyards can't. Perhaps that's why those horses grazing on this Bluegrass are a force to be reckoned with on the race track. Hope your weather is cool where you are. I'm dreaming of cooler days. ENJOY!

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  1. That is what it looks like now? No wonder that grass and area are famous!