Sunday, July 1, 2012

Tuscany Perhaps

Where was this image taken I ask you? Tuscany perhaps? That's what I like most about an image, you just never know where you are. So you must 'look' closely. And as it happens in this photo, when you look closely, you will see it's in the trees and the lamp posts. Those trees alone are not indicative of Tuscany.

Last summer I traveled to North Carolina to visit a very famous estate, Biltmore. I wasn't sure of everything I would find there. Yes, I knew there was a famous house and, after much surfing the net, I discovered the estate also had hiking trails and a lake, and a farm.

As I drove along the road in August, after spending considerable time viewing the famous Biltmore house and its conservatory, I happened upon this scene, a field of sunflowers. Growing, for what seemed like miles and miles alongside the road, I discovered rows and rows of beautiful, bright sunflowers. I felt as though I were in the heart of Tuscany. Stretching out past the rows and rows of sunflowers were more fields, and far off in the distance, country roads disappearing into the landscape. Tuscany.

I stopped for some time alongside the rows and rows of sunflowers and attempted to capture the beauty of this scene in various compositions. All the while, as I snapped photo after photo, I felt as if I were deep in the heart of Italy. And today, after perusing my vast archive of images, comprised of varying trips across America, digging deep to find an image for this post, I stopped at this one. And I felt that same feeling today as I did then. Tuscany perhaps. ENJOY!


  1. I definitely can see what you mean. I especially like the depth and how the eye goes into the scene and then back over it in a loop keeping the viewer interested. Great work!

  2. AnonymousJuly 01, 2012

    Looks like the photos I have seen from there. Now, is one place I would like to go, how about you?
    Thanks so much, I did enjoy it!

  3. I think this composition is super Carol -the sunflowers holding down the foreground as ribbons of green/yellow travel back in the photo. I want to travel down that road!

  4. I see what you mean Carol, it has a Tuscany kind of feel to it! Beautiful.