Monday, July 23, 2012

Black Eyed Susans

As opposed to blue eyed Carols. Sorry, I couldn't help crack a joke at this post title. Here's a bit more yellow to brighten your day. Could someone please tell Mother Nature I can't take any more days at 95 degrees and high humidity. If I'd had a knife today, I could have cut the humidity with it. Here's some trivia for you. Did you know there are now 13 states named disaster areas due to the drought? Since I'm running the risk of going from positive to negative, I'll sign off now with . . . ENJOY!


  1. The "Susans" still seem perky in the heat and humidity. Keep cool, Carol! We're getting storms and rain now nearly every afternoon - so nice! It was 39 degrees this AM (sorry!).

  2. Well, we are not! It is hot and muggy here, too, Carol. I just looked at my hometown in Ok, and it was 100º, feels like 112º, and the dew point was 74!

    I have never seen so many black-eyed susans in one place!

  3. The drought is a horrible problem for so many areas, I hope we all get some (more) rain soon.

    This field of yellow is delightful Carol.