Sunday, June 3, 2012

Guardian Lavender Larkspur

Summer is around the corner. It's June and with it come Father's Day, June brides, high school and college grads, and well, let's not forget the most important thing, the official start of Summer. But for now, we still have a few days of Spring left to celebrate it's beauty. I photographed this beautiful Lavender Larkspur in the gardens at the Buckhorn Inn two weeks ago. I love pale blue blooms. Something about them seems so very delicate in their very nature. Hope your Sunday is a great one. ENJOY!


  1. Nice inage. Larkspurs always set a confusion in motion. Longspurs are birds, Larks are birds, Larkspurs should be Longspurs because that have long spurs and Longspurs should be Larkspurs becaues they are birds.

    Nevertheless, it is nice to see summer flowers.

  2. The color is lovely. I have never grown larkspur, and maybe I should give it a try.
    We are on our second day of rain, Carol. Just staying cozy indoors. I haven't even had my camera out of the case today.

  3. Beautiful image Carol, Larkspurs are glorious plants!

  4. Your photo makes me excited for our own Larkspur to bloom (a darker purple) I do love your pale blue beauty.