Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Personally Speaking

Just a few of the flowers sitting on my patio this year. My Dahlias have gone stark raving mad. One day I counted 15 blooms in one pot. And these aren't huge pots either.

Now on a more personal note . . . I realize I seldom share really, really personal things on my blog, as it's basically for my outdoor photographs. However, this week has been a challenge. I had thousands, and I do mean thousands, of dollars of hail damage on my car. I've spent the past week literally getting my car repaired. Renting a rental car, picking up my car and dropping off the rental. Discovering they didn't reattach my sunroof properly . . . so taking my car back and getting that taken care of. Then they didn't put a trim strip on my back window. They didn't feel confident after giving it two tries. So now I must take the car to a window specialist sometime in the next week. UGH! Hail damage.

Then I did something very bad. Very very bad. I knocked over the iron. It wasn't the knocking over part that was bad. It was how I knocked it over that was bad. I knocked the iron over when I caught the very top of the "hot" iron with the inside of my arm right in the fold of my elbow, where there is basically the thinest of thin skin. OUCH! The iron was still hot as I'd only just turned it off a minute before. Now if the story ended there, I would be ecstatic. But no, there's more.

I have discovered, as luck would have it, that I'm very allergic to the adhesive glue which holds my bandages on. ITCH ITCH ITCH! So I've had to make countless trips back and forth to the drugstore to buy various types of bandages, gauze, tape, not to mention the midnight run I made Tuesday night to Walmart because as I discovered the allergy to tape after hours, Walmart was my store of choice at that point. You name it, I've bought it.

Dear Lord, this part of the story is strictly for you. I'm begging you. I'm crying uncle. I surrender. Whatever it is you need me to do . . . I'm willing to do it. Just bring me some relief. SOON! UGH! OUCH! ITCH! ENJOY!

Postscript: If you read this post and you have a reaction, please leave it on my comment section because God knows I could use the morale support this week. Laughing out loud now....


  1. Carol, As you know I always try to find One Good Thing but absolutely the only positive I can think of is those RED Dahlias! Between the repairs to the car and to you, I'm feeling the stress here in CO. Sure hope you heal quickly. Be sure to put the adhesive allergy on your medical charts. Feel better soon!

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  3. AnonymousJune 21, 2012

    So, you never know what a blog friend is going through. I am with you, I write about my flowers and photos.
    Good luck with getting the car repaired. And with your arm. You would not believe how many close calls I have had with the iron.
    I like your photo today. And, I will bet that your patio is lovely.
    Take care, Carrol.

  4. Carol, I've had to deal with a hail damaged vehicle, it was nerve wracking and I didn't have nearly the problems you had with the repairs. Love the dahlias.

    Keep working on the tape allery location, you don't want to get an infection on top of that!