Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring, Mac's Lake

Walking along the path at Mac's Lake, you see wildflowers . . .

and Blue Dragonflies hanging out close to the lake . . .

and beautiful bright green foliage back lit by the evening sun.

Although you can't really see much of Mac's Lake, which is located inside Bernheim, in these particular images, I still wanted to share them. I love the bright green foliage in early Spring. As Summer approaches the bright green turns a darker green which I like to call Summer green. But for now it's light and bright. ENJOY!


  1. My husband likes that spring green color, too. I wonder if it is because he lived across the mountains from you, in Maryland when he was a kid.

    I am still waiting for the dragonflies here.

  2. I love that fresh spring green too, it feels like "joy" to me.

  3. That "neon" green makes me smile!