Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ponies & Perspective

In Kentucky, in Spring, the first week of May, it's all about the 'ponies'. But the weeks leading up to the first Saturday in May, it's about fireworks and marathons, balloon chases and steamboat races, parades and parties. And after all of that passes forth, on the first Saturday of May, the ponies get their due. I dug deep in my archive for an image I captured last summer on a drive along the Bluegrass Scenic Byway near Midway, among those beautiful horse farms. In honor of 'the ponies', here is a post card from me to you. I hope you enjoy this image. I love the perspective. ENJOY!


  1. Wow, you did a good job with this! It really looks old. Have you ever been to any of the big races? I think I would rather see the horses in the pasture.

    I looked at the and found that is is for PC's. The did recommend some almost like it software for the Mac's though. Yours really does a good job.

    Enjoy Sunday!!

  2. Sandy, I've never seen the Derby after living here in Louisville all my life. But I used to go to the Kentucky Oaks race which is the race for the fillies the day before Derby. It's the race that most of the Louisville people that want to visit the Downs on Derby week go to generally. Thanks for your compliments. Download the paint mac version and try it. You might like it. Carol