Friday, April 27, 2012

Purple Foxglove, Bernheim Arborteum

Earlier this evening I drove out to Bernheim before the cloud cover moved in. I just barely caught the last rays of sunshine as it bathed the flower garden in the Arboretum area. Purple Foxgloves are blooming and I was happy not to have missed their beautiful blooms this year. I hope you enjoy these close ups. Have a fantastic weekend everyone. ENJOY!


  1. So pretty! I remember now that I was going to plant foxgloves this year. Maybe I can find a plant. I had a mixture of pinks for a while, one color being that shade.

    Aren't they beautiful?
    Cold here this morning, but sunny. I hope to get out with my camera later.

    1. Sandy, thanks for stopping by. I'm glad I reminded of planting foxgloves. I hope you will and post some images for me. I absolutely love Foxgloves. They are gorgeous. It's a little chilly here and probably will have some rain today and tomorrow. Carol

  2. Lovely images Carol of one of my favorite garden flowers! Both images are beautiful.