Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Caperton Swamp

A few images I took Sunday afternoon on a walk around Caperton Swamp in northern Louisville.
The walk around the swamp itself is about nine tenths of a mile. On this day the trail was muddy in some places due to the heavy rain we had had that morning.

If you let a little rain stop you though, you might never get out around here because we've had a ton of rain the last 4-5 weeks.

I'm especially fond of the reflections in some of these images especially the first image of the wooden bird house.

It had been many years since I'd been to the swamp, and decided with gas prices so outrageous, I would stick close to home on this particular day. Also I had an inkling I might want to take Monday off and take a drive to Mustatatuck which I did. Are the gas prices cutting into your adventures? ENJOY!


  1. What a lot of green! Our spring kind of stalled out these past few days.
    You can visit me at here, too.

  2. So who is likely to take up residence in the 'reflective' nest box Carol?

    Fuel prices continue to increase over here and I'm definitely having to seriously cut back on longer journeys ... hence a much lower bird list so far this year.

  3. Frank thing is I'm not sure what bird that box is for. It's a large box with a large whole. Carol